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Diaper Bag

The new bag comes with everything!! 13 Pockets total! AND it comes with a matching changing pad! WOW! Here is a break down of everything that comes with this awesome diaper bag....

~Your choice of camo fabric 

~ Two nametapes

~velcro for patchs (acu only, you may send patches for other camo fabrics)

~13 pockets inside and out!

~Your choice of inside linging Fabric (choose from "fabrics" button below) along with accents for the outside

~A matching changing pad

This Bag Can NOT be made from a uniform, sorry!!

Unless specified, your bag will be made with the matching lining strip/ruffles on the outside of your bag with matching ribbons or bows. Please email me if you wish to change any of the accents on the outside of your bag - 

Click Here --->

To purchase your

Deluxe Ruffle

Diaper Bag!

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To choose your

Deluxe Ruffle 

Diaper Bag Inside

Fabric Lining 


Extra Add-On Items

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