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Diaper Bag

This diaper bag comes with everything!! 13 Pockets in all (including bottle holders), velcro for patches (ACU only, other camo choices may send in their own velcro patches), camo fabric (this bag can not be made from a uniform, too much fabric), nametapes (sewn on) & your choice of fabrics for the inside.  This bag has huge pockets inside and out.

The front of the bag has one large pocket across the front and 3 more are in front of that pocket. There are three more pockets along the back of the bag. Also, each bag has a bottle holder on both sides of the bag.

Comes with matching changing pad!

Unless specified, your bag will be made with the matching lining strip on the outside of your bag with matching ribbons or bows. Please email me if you wish to change any of the accents on the outside of your bag (

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