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All About Me!

Hello, I'm Melissa, creator of these wonderful bags. I am an Army wife and an Army Mom! I have been making Camo and non Camo bags for over 10 years. My bags are made with love and care knowing what they will represent to you when you carry them. 


My story: My business began back in 2006, my husband deployed and I needed to find a way to cope with him being gone for so long. My oldest daughter Elizabeth and I decided we need to learn to sew, so we bought a cheap sewing machine, grabbed a purse pattern and sat down at the kitchen table and learned to sew. I bought some BDU fabric off the shelf and we made a really cute purse, I was so excited. My husband sent home an ACU shirt that he was going to throw out because the zipper broke and I took it apart and made my first Diaper bag ( I still have it).... Then I made my friend Jamie a Diaper bag and that was all it took to get things started. I added colors, ribbons, bows, different embroidery and made my bags different from all the rest. Making sure my bags were sturdy and thick took some time to perfect but it was worth it:) 

Around 12,000 bags later, I work everyday, creating something I love, making wonderful bags for awesome Ladies:)

Thank you all for taking the time to look through my website! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me or send me a message through Facebook.

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